Portland’s Best Reclaimed Building Materials

October 17, 2012

Portlanders are all about the three RRRs – reducing, reusing, and recycling. (You thought we were going to talk about book learnin’, didn’t you?). But when it comes to home improvement projects in Portland, many homeowners think the only option they have is to buy brand new building materials. Au contraire, dear reader! Using reclaimed building materials has a ton of benefits, including reducing the amount of materials in landfills, saving the energy required to manufacture new items, and  saving you upwards of 60% on the costs of your materials. And luckily for you, Portland is home to a number of high quality, locally owned reclaimed building material supply companies. Here are five of our favorites.

reclaimed building materials


1. The ReBuilding Center

Founded by a group of passionate volunteers in 1998, The ReBuilding Center’s goal is to promote the use of salvaged and reclaimed materials in an effort to make building and home remodeling projects more affordable for homeowners. The ReBuilding Center also offers DeConstruction Services, a “sustainable alternative to conventional demolition, and ReFind Furniture, which offers “a diverse line of green furniture and home accessories”.

Check ‘em out at 3625 N. Mississippi Ave in Portland, or give ‘em a call at 503-331-1877.


2. Habitat for Humanity ReStore

All of the merchandise at ReStore is donated by local businesses and individuals, and there’s a lot of it. The store receives donations daily and offers everything from reclaimed building materials, pre-owned appliances, gently used office furniture, and more. The store raises money for the Portland/Vancouver area Habitat for Humanity, and they do it well; the different ReStore locations have raised a combined $1.2 million dollars for the charitable organization and has helped keep roughly 4.2 million pounds of materials out of landfills each year.

Visit their flagship store at 66 SE Morrison St in Portland, or give ‘em a call at 503-283-6247 for more information.


3. Salvage Works

Located in the Kenton neighborhood of North Portland, Salvage Works offers a fine selection of high quality architectural salvage, vintage house parts, and vintage curiosities, all reclaimed from local deconstruction and salvage projects. They specialize in doors, windows, flooring and molding, kitchen and bath fixtures, and house-hold odds and ends. They also feature beehives and chicken coop kits!

Browse their selection at 2030 N Willis Blvd in Portland, or give ‘em a call at 503-285-2555.


4. Urban Hardwood Recovery

If you’re looking specifically for reclaimed hardwood flooring, Urban Hardwood Recovery is right up your alley. Owner Tyler Evans’ mission is simple: recover and reuse wood that would otherwise have been burned, chipped, or ended up in a landfill. Specializing in species native to Oregon, Urban Recovery recovers and dries their wood themselves, so you can make sure the material they sell is properly acclimated to the Portland environment.

Check out their showroom at 21148 Hwy 99E in Aurora, or give ‘em a call for 503-887-0855.


5. PlanetReuse

We know, we know – PlanetReuse isn’t located in Portland. In fact, it’s not really located anywhere. Started as an internet-based material brokerage in 2008, PlanetReuse now offers consulting and brokering services to their clients, helping builders, designers, and homeowners find reclaimed and recycled building materials in their area. They guide clients step-by-step through the entire process, making sure you’re well aware of where your materials are coming from and exactly how much you’ll pay for them.

Email the owner Nathan Benjamin at, or give ‘em a call at 816-298-7947.


Whether you’re installing hardwood floors, remodeling your kitchen, or adding a second story to your home, using reclaimed building materials can help save you money and save the environment. Want to learn more? Give us a call at 503-515-3171. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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